Our Policies

Acute Care 

We offer several options for people with acute medical problems.  All of our doctors have times set aside every day to schedule patients with urgent problems.   We will also have one doctor who will have his or her whole day devoted to acute problems on a scheduled basis.   Finally, we will continue to offer a walk-in option.   We would encourage you to call for an appointment if you have an acute problem.  You will have three options: 1) schedule with your own doctor if available, 2) schedule with the call-in doctor or physician assistant, or 3) walk in at Prompt Care.    


When you call to make your appointment, please briefly describe your health problem so we can schedule your visit appropriately.   Because we can see only one patient per appointment: please make separate appointments for each member of your family who needs care.  

If You Have an Emergency 

If you have a true emergency, such as chest pain or a life-threatening injury, call 911 or go directly to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.   The hospital will call your doctor.  


If you have an urgent medical problem when our office is closed, call our office phone number (269) 686-5800.   A physician on call will return your call.


If you have a medical problem during our regular office hours, please call the office and we will see you.  

If You Need Medical Advice 

In need of medical advice? Call our office at (269) 686-5800 and your call will be forwarded to your doctor or medical assistant.   If your doctor is not available, another doctor, medical assistant, or physician assistant will return your call.  Your call will be returned after your chart has been reviewed and as quickly as other patient responsibilities allow.  

Prescription Refills 

You should request all prescription refill authorizations during office visits, even though you may have a month or two remaining on your prescription.   If you must call, we require a 48-hour turnaround for a refill.   You will need to give the following information: your name, phone number, birth date, name of the drug you need, how often you take the drug and the phone number for the pharmacy where you prefer to pick up your prescription.   If you have not seen your doctor for several months, we will ask you to make an appointment before the refill can be authorized.   If you prefer to have us fax your prescriptions for you, a fax charge of $2.00 per prescription will be incurred.   If you have a mail order service like Merck Medco and you change companies, your prescription must be rewritten, and you will be charged $4.00 per prescription (not per drug).

Diagnostic Testing

If you have lab tests or other diagnostic procedures performed, you may call our office for your results.   We make every effort to contact patients who have abnormal results.    

Your Medical Records

Data you provide, information about your medical conditions or treatments, and test results are all part of your medical record.   This information will not be released to insurance companies, attorneys or any other party without your HIPAA approved release.  

Fees and Payment 

We will be happy to tell you in advance of any visit what your likely fee will be, just ask the receptionist when you call to make your appointment.   We make every effort to control the cost of your care by limiting billing costs.   For this reason, we request payment or co-payment for all office visits at the time of the visit.   If you will not be able to pay before you leave the office, you must make payment arrangements with our patient accounts staff before you visit.   Patients who are to receive major medical, obstetrical or surgical services are rendered.   If a financial hardship interferes with financial arrangements you have made with us, please contact our Patient Accounts department at (269) 686-5877.

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